Achieve our life goals and live long to enjoy it. I am pretty sure humanity agrees to that statement, and we strive hard to live up to that. However, brilliant minds started spoiling us with modern technology which made us lazier individuals. We do not engage much in psychical activities anymore, and this has made possible life ‘shortcuts’ to each and every one of us. If you question any members from the older generation, they would say that they are still in their healthy condition due to their abstinence from dangerous substances like tobacco and alcohol. They would describe their condition as of living in the blue zone. This article by Herbalife independent distributor will be discussing on how individuals can live longer by living healthy.As mentioned above, the life span of a human being is associated with the blue zone. The blue zone became a famous term after historical events that occurred in Italy, where researchers used blue ink to locate the concentrations of centenarians occupying the land of Sardinia. As the research went further, they discovered a large blue area where life expectancy is higher than anywhere else on the island. After the discovery, more areas were also announced as the blue zone. This includes Japan, California and Costa Rica.

Life expectancy can be linked to one’s internal and external environment. Internal environment can mean the genetics that each of us possess, that has the ability to take control of our biological clock. The mentioned ‘blue zone’ is usually described as areas that carry a good amount of individuals with high life span, most that passes the magic number hundred. This built curiosity among the majority, ones who want the same amount of time to live.


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The ‘blue zones’ mentioned above might differ in terms of culture and habits in many aspects but in fact they share certain similarities. This involves the parts on how they live their lives. Most of them avoid health damaging habits such as smoking and drinking. Besides that, they also practice healthy eating habits along with sufficient exercises to maintain their health. Most centenarians keep a busy social life, along with a healthy diet and exercises. That is the ‘secret’ they claimed to keep for living longer than the average human. It is actually quite simple, to live the lifestyle they claimed they do.

Their diet is comprised of healthy nutritious food such as whole grain, beans, nuts and seafood. Basically, they consume enough nutrition such as fibre and protein to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Mealtimes are stressed on its importance of keeping a healthy body as well as to maintain connection with their loved ones. It is described as an everyday event. All it takes is a little effort for a better lifestyle, with controlled eating habits and sufficient exercise. You do not need to be living in the blue zone to be healthy; you can live like you are living in the blue zone. Eat healthy, move more and always strive to achieve your life goals.

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